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Videos in the Classroom: EdPuzzle making things great

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EdPuzzle allows you to select a video from YouTube, Khan Academy, Nat Geo, Ted Talks, Veritasium, Numberphile, Crash Course or Vimeo and add it to your individual classroom. Then you can do any of the following to it:
  • Crop the videos so you’re only showing the most important parts.
  • Add your own audio voice over commentary to them.
  • Include quizzes to assess student understanding of the video.

This product integrates directly with Google Classroom and pulls your classes in automatically. If you have a different LMS you can embed this as an Iframe or you can simply share links with your students to access the individual lessons

The best is their pricing model: EDpuzzle is 100% free for teachers and students. The gradebook and all the premium features are built so that schools pay for them, not the teachers.

I've included a sample lesson here for you to view this product in action, this was done with the free version and outside of the gradebook every feature was available for free.


Here is a screenshot of the teacher's administration site where you can create videos, set due dates, and see individual student progress:

Once you have assigned a video to students you can view instant feedback on who has watched, completed watching, and completed the assessments in the video.


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