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Newmind looks back: 2014 in Education technology

Today Newmind looks back at 2014, and how the classroom has evolved alongside all the new tools hitting the scene. Unless you were living under a rock, you probably saw how this year was huge for teacher-friendly tech.

Since the tablet first found its home in education, the education been on a rollercoaster-ride of innovative, productive, and fun apps, for both the teacher and the student, and this year was no different.

Newmind Group’s Connected Classroom

First and foremost, Newmind Group was excited to bring our own set of tools into the curriculum with the Connected Classroom project. Newmind Group’s Connected Classroom is an ecosystem of Google, Hapara, Securly and other software that we constructed to help show teachers just how seamless the modern curriculum can become, from the gradebook to the student’s desk.

We had the privilege of demoing the Connected Classroom live in Livonia and HECC this year, and look forward to seeing you at eTech Ohio, MACUL, and other events in 2015!

Closer to 1:1 every day

To reach 1:1 status in schools has become a “nirvana” for schools to work towards, and 2014 brought us ever-closer to reaching that place. We’ve seen fresh approaches, more affordable technology, and hardware and software designed with curious, yet vulnerable users in mind.

With companies like Securly and Hapara making the digital realm safer and simpler (for students and instructors alike), and schools around the country bending resources in innovative ways, we can expect 2015 to bring us closer to an even more productive and headache-free tech environment in the classroom.

Year of the Chromebook

Chromebooks have been becoming a staple of classrooms all over the country since they first hit the scene in 2010, but the past year saw them truly reach their stride. Newmind had the privilege of outfitting a number of schools with Chrome devices this year, and we love hearing how teachers are getting the most out of them.

With almost a dozen new models hitting the market (including the current Chromebook king) loads of new apps and functionality, and a budget-friendly price tag to match, it’s no great surprise that Chromebooks have overtaken iPads in education for the first time. If you want an even closer look at the comparison, check out our own Chromebook/iPad side-by-side. We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us (we’ve heard murmurs of Asus releasing one for under $150).

Introducing Google Classroom

Perhaps Google’s biggest production for 2014 was the introduction of Google Classroom, a unique form of Google Drive designed specifically with classroom (and schoolwide) infrastructure in mind. It’s not the first “teacher’s desk” software to hit the market (Hapara’s teacher dashboard), but with it comes Google’s signature ingenuity and security. Alongside Google Apps for Education, it’s helping to assemble a fresh, yet familiar experience for future of schools.

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