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Is your Chromebook running a bit slow?

Could the newest updates from Google be slowing down your Chromebook? We’ve noticed reports around the web of speed issues on certain Chrome devices, and some issues seem to be cropping up around the release of Chrome OS version 42, which hit most Chromebooks on May 12th, 2015.

We’ve seen this activity on older models—Samsung 303s and Samsung 500s—are you affected? Here are our numbers

Here’s how you can check your Chrome OS release.

Click the status bar on the lower-right hand corner of your screen, and then click the “Settings” gear. At the top of the next screen, you should be able to click on “About Chrome OS.”

This will bring up a small tab looking something like this:

The version of Chrome OS were seeing issues with is 42.2311.153.

If you’re experiencing speed issues, here’s what can hold you over:

Unfortunately, Chrome OS won’t let you backgrade to an earlier version, so if you’ve already automatically updated to version 43, you may have to wait and see if the speed issues are addressed in their next update (which should be live for most users this week).

If you’re still not satisfied, the best you can do is either hold off on restarting your Chrome device, OR you can try moving to the Chrome OS beta channel—Google’s update track for users who want updates that are a little newer, but haven’t been tested as thoroughly yet. Lucky for us, Google updates Chrome OS very frequently—almost twice a month!

Is your Chromebook running slow? If you haven’t tried the usual fixes for Chromebooks, we’d love to hear a little more about your situation.

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