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2019 Education Focused Chromebooks

Here's a quick summary of new Chromebooks that have been announced as models for the education market in 2019. We will have full details and specs on all of these models in the coming months.  As always these models should all be ready to ship by June 2019


Acer has six new offerings this year, all models will be USB-C rechargeable.  

Acer R752T, this is an update to last year's first spin model with a Wacom touchscreen, this will be using the Celeron N4000/N4100 processor and now has a storage port on the bottom of the device for the stylus, staring price of $379

Acer C733: An update to the ever popular C731/732 of the past receives the Celeron N4000/4100 processor and retains the same classic clamshell with a spill resistant keyboard, starting at $299

Acer C721 and R721T: These models are near mirrors of the two listed above with the exception being these are going to be made with an AMD A4 Processor, pricing for the clamshell version starts at $279 and $349 for the Spin convertible model.

Acer C721

Acer R721T

 Acer 512: This is a new entry to Acer's lineup and boasts a 12 inch screen, a clamshell design and 3:2 resolution of 1366x912 resolution, these will be running the Intel N4100 or N5000 and will be available with 4 or 8 GB of ram, starting at $329

Acer 512 Spin: Boasts all of the same features as the 512 above with the ability to turn into tent or tablet mode and has a docking area for the stylus, starting at $449



Asus is joining the tablet game this year and bringing with it 3 other revamped models to complete their lineup. Pricing has not yet been announced on any of the models

Asus CT100 Chrome Tablet: Specs are identical to the Acer Tab 10, this includes a 9.7" QXGA display, 4GB of ram and 32GB of storage


Asus C204: Traditional 11.6" Rugged device with N4000 chipset 4GB or ram and 32GB of storage

Asus C204

Asus C214: Flip version of the C204 also adds a slot to store the optional stylus in.

Asus C403: This will have the same internals as the C204 but offer a 14" screen size

Asus will also be updating their high-end model the C302 flip with a new C434 flip, this will have very similar specs to the Google Pixelbooks, I would expect pricing to be well out of the range of most educational budgets. This will include a 14" display 



HP is bringing a variety of new models to market this year further cementing their dedication to the Chrome OS space. 

HP Chromebook 14 AMD: Powered by either the AMD A4 or A6 processor 4GB of ram and 32GB of storage, this model will also have an optional 1920x1080 touchscreen and come in 3 colors white, blue and gray. Pricing for the base model starts at $269 and these are available now.

HP Chromebook X360 G1: 8th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 and up to 16GB of ram this model is going to be their performance racehorse, though these are intended for enterprise customers they would make excellent teacher/administrator devices. Expect starting prices over $600 for this device.


Lenovo C630, this is a 2-in-1 device with a premium set of specs and a premium price-tag again probably another unit best kept for teachers and administrators. This ship standard with an Intel Core i5-8250U processor 8 GB of ram and your choice of a 15.6" screen in either 1920x1080 resolution or 3840x2160 (4K). These are available for ordering now and start at $719


These are just a sampling of the new devices coming out this year, stay tuned and we'll get all of them up for you to see asap.

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